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Find out how Brian Haggerty, one of America's most prominent speaker-trainers,

can help develop and improve your company's communication and soft skills.

Did you know?
The number one skill a prospective employer seeks in a prospective employee is the ability to communicate well.

Did you know?
Listening is the most important communication skill.

Did you know?
Good communication skills are vital to your advancement and success.

Did you know?
Less than 2% of people have had any formal education on how to listen.

Did you know?
People remember how words made them feel rather than the words themselves.

Did you know?
55% of the meaning of words is derived through our facial expressions; 38% is in how words are said and only 7% is in the actual words spoken. 

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Brian C. Haggerty

Our Managing Partners

Chris Maiorino

Soft Skills are an extension of communication skills. They are the skills we use to interact and create rapport with others. In today’s business environment, where social media and Smartphones have become the standard bearer, the need for superior soft skills is more important than ever. Generally speaking, people will do business with you and your company because they like you. Don’t allow this vital part of overall communication to slip past your radar! Contact Brian today to learn how to design an effective communication program which includes the soft and people skills your company’s personnel absolutely needs! Learn More

Soft Skills

Business Etiquette

Breaking a rule can cost your company the loss of business. Knowing what to do, what to say and when can mean the difference between earning someone’s business or losing it.  Earning the respect of clients and customers is only way to achieve and maintain those customers. Topics such as meeting and greeting, handshaking, conversation dos and don’ts, business card exchange, e-mail and written correspondence and even dining etiquette are all based upon universal rules that never expire. Let Brian help you determine the areas in which your company can benefit from learning modern business etiquette. Learn more

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Known for his indelible voice and uniquely novel manner of teaching, Brian Haggerty is quickly becoming one of America’s fastest rising public speakers. A native of New Jersey, Brian has spent a quarter century in business, education and politics. He first began his speaking career in 2004 and later began to develop the hallmark of his teachings: communication, people and soft skills intertwined within a framework of good old fashioned manners. An author and columnist, as well, Brian has written several educational publications along with his book, “Put That Cell Phone Down and Look Me in the Eye; Developing Masterful People Skills for Success at Any Age”.

Brian has a heart for young students and has developed the groundbreaking PLEASE™ Program which stands for “People, Life and Experiential Awareness Skills Education”. The program is designed to teach students the needed life and people skills so missing in today’s educational system. “A college degree will matter not if you do not know how to interact and communicate with others”, says Haggerty. “This program gives students the self-confidence to know what to say, how to say it, what to do and when”. The PLEASE™ Program was recently awarded several grants from the Broward Educational Foundation of Broward County Florida, as well as the Miami Marlins Foundation and Bank of America. In addition to several New Jersey Schools, the program is now being introduced in Broward County Schools.

In addition to his devotion to students, Brian is retained by many companies and organization where he trains on communication and soft skills. His latest program is called CLASS™, which stands for Communication, Language and Soft Skills. It is available online to anyone seeking to learn the secrets to effective, powerful communication along with the soft skills and manners of a true, polished professional.

Brian has also served in many political capacities including two terms on the Board of Commissioners in his community, Lyndhurst, NJ. He works privately, as well, with business people, CEOs and political candidates on their speaking skills, confidence and charisma.

An ardent reader, philosopher and lover of science, Brian combines his teachings with a tremendous sense of humor. He believes that when we enjoy what we are learning, we retain more of what we’ve learned. When not speaking, he engages his passion for cooking, comedy, music and philanthropy.

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What Clients Are Saying

Brian Haggerty was the keynote for our 2015 Teacher's Idea Expo at NOVA Southeastern University in Broward County, FL. He spoke to the top 600 educators of Broward and presented his PLEASE(TM) Program; a winning curriculum for students and adults, alike. For weeks and months afterward, everyone is still talking about his presentation. I've never seen anyone who can capture an audience like Brian.

We have had Brian speak at our conferences several times. Why? Because all of our reps love him and demand he returns. Brian will make any seminar or conference very memorable. Not only is his voice incredible, but he can entertain and make everyone laugh while inspiring people to improve their personal skills. He is a true gentleman and professional and we will keep inviting him back as long as he will come.

Chris Holder
President: Rejuvenetics

It is a challenge to find words to best describe Brian Haggerty. He is the epitome of class and intellect. But he is also extremely funny and witty. Brian regularly coaches and trains my employees as well as speaks at our corporate gatherings. He looks like the President of the US, speaks like the President and can train people to do the same. We love him and love when we share in his company.

Michael Melham
CEO: AlphaDog Solutions, Inc.

I have been a student/fan of Mr. Brian Haggerty for over a decade. Due in large part to the techniques I learned from Mr. Haggerty my business went from one location to three. I have tripled my income and continued to grow and expand despite the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Peter Tuccino
President: DSM Martial Arts Academies

Brian regularly speaks with and trains some of our employees in customer service and communication skills. We all love him and always look forward to his visits!

Vincent Corrado
Owner: Corrado's Supermarkets

Thomas Severino
President & CEO Broward Educational Foundation

I have never witnessed an individual to so powerfully light up a room with their presence, and captivate an audience the way Brian Haggerty does.

Jay Driscoll
Founder of Tabata Songs

"Organizations demonstrate an average return on investment of $4,000 for every $1,100 spent developing soft skills"

-Development Dimensions International


The best communicators will always rise to the top. Good communication skills are paramount to a person’s and a company’s success. It begins with developing a strong sense of self-awareness, combined by a firm understanding of the key principles to communication. Topics such as interpersonal communication, group communication, public speaking, word usage, written communication, body language, appearance and self-confidence are all an integral part of communication. Brian will create a customized program designed to target your company’s specific communication needs while assisting your organization in achieving its goals.       Learn more

Millennial Training and Development

Millennials are among the most innovative and creative of today's workforce. However, among the skills they lack most are communication and people skills. This is largely due to the rising use of technology and social media which is quickly replacing tradition face-to-face, or spoken communication. Brian has become a leading expert on Millennial training. His training is geared not only toward the Millennials themselves, but also toward their leadership and management in how to properly utilize, inspire and foster their communication while capitalizing on their unbounded energy and creativity. Learn more

Chris Maiorino is a financial investment professional with a passion for breathing life into big ideas. He has helped to raise capital and develop many innovative companies as well as manage the day-to-day operations.

As the co-founder and managing partner for BCH Enterprises, an education-driven company developing markets for groundbreaking new curriculums. Chris operates as the driving force of the company’s PLEASE(TM) Program (People, Life and Experiential Awareness Skills Education) which fosters an understanding of and appreciation for proper manners, etiquette and effective communication skills so vital for students’ success, and often lacking in today’s young people. In addition, he and Brian Haggerty have created the CLASS(TM) Program (Communication, Language and Soft Skills) which is a virtual class for business people to learn powerful and effective communication skills as well as advanced soft skills and business etiquette.

Chris’ skills include operations, management and infrastructure development for businesses. He cofounded MPR Equities, LLC & MPR Capital, LLC, and served as Managing Partner where he worked with entrepreneurs during their startup phase by combining seed-stage capital with fundamental business practices to establish well- founded, high-growth potential companies. Rejuvenetics is a distribution company offering specialized whole-food, plant-based products for Fitness, General Wellness, and Skin Care. Chris served as the COO of the company where he focused on market expansion strategies, supply-line efficiency oversight, and building strategic partnerships.

Chris has built a reputation for outstanding leadership, clear strategic thinking, and attention to detail that ensure long-term growth and profitability.