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The gap between a company’s Millennial personnel and older, more seasoned personnel is a great challenge for many companies today. The frustration to understand how to best work and interact with Millennials is very trying on leadership. The good news is that this does not have to be the case. Millennials can turn into some of your most valuable assets when leadership understand the Millennial mindset.

The key to this training is understanding that it is a two-way street when dealing with Millennials. Brian Haggerty has worked very closely and continues to do so with Millennials. He understands their thinking, habits as well as what drives them. “It is not about my coming in and doing a workshop for your Millennials that will all of a sudden work a miracle. It is combining that with training for leadership to learn how to inspire and bring out the great talent this generation possesses,” says Haggerty. “Despite what people may think,” continues Haggerty “Millennials are not lazy! They want to make a difference. They represent an untapped treasure trove for any company who knows and understands how to reach them and make use of their skill sets”.

BH Training & Consulting will work with your company to tailor fit the training you need to help Millennials and your leadership work seamlessly to accomplish your objectives.