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In today’s modern arena of e-mails, texts and cell phones, knowing how to develop rapport and create successful relationships is paramount in business. BH Training & Consulting will work with your company to design Soft Skill training that is specifically geared toward your needs.

Some of our most successful Soft Skill training topics:

·      Meeting and greeting others

·      Handshaking and body language

·      Starting, having and ending conversations professionally and effectively

·      Business card exchanging

·      Developing charisma

·      How to read body language and facial expression

·      Successful follow ups after meeting

·      Self-awareness and how others perceive us

·      The tricks of the greats; how to use certain psychological techniques to make strong, attractive first and lasting impressions.

Contact us today to learn how we can work with you to create customized, targeted training to fit your company’s needs.

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